• Reg No: 2013/135427/07
  • Vat No: 4550272431

Why This Services

From time to time during the term of agreement BPS shall provide client with periodic reports which describes efforts undertaken and results obtained on behalf of the client.

Job description is discussed with the client

Site assessment conducted

Contract is drawn, reviewed and signed

Officers are selected for the site

Training as per site requirements


Bashi protection services insures that the client’s best interest are served at all times. Recommendations and guidance must be based on impotent observations, responsible opinions and permanent facts. Any information gained during the course of the contract must be kept in strict confidence.

  • Hospital

    Leading harmony with the rules and regulations that governs the industry.

  • Surveillance

    Comprehensive and businesses that will be the advantage of the concerned party.

  • Retails

    Creating opportunities that will dominate in local and international market sector.

  • Investigations

    Understanding friendly approaches in order to maximize customer satisfaction.